Investigative Services Inc.



Rapid Response Team

We have investigators available on a rush basis for services that include obtaining immediate statements as well as on scene investigations.

Claims Assist

We have a team ready to assist with obtaining records, locating witnesses, canvassing neighborhoods, alive and well checks, telephonic and in person statements.  We have a staff of bilingual investigators ready to assist with all your claim needs.  We take pride in assisting the claims professional to secure the necessary information to resolve the claim.  


Investigating workers' compensation claims is conducted in order to determine if the injury alleged arose out of employment and during the course of employment.  We conduct interviews with claimants, employers, supervisors, co-workers, and witnesses, to determine if the claim has validity. We obtain all the necessary documents in order to assist our client with the defense of the claim.  We ensure that our clients are given updates in a timely manner and are given a detailed report at the conclusion of the investigation in order to assist with properly evaluating the claim.    

SIU/Fraud Investigations

With each claim that is assigned to us, we are constantly identifying each case for possible violations of state or federal law.  When we identify evidence that a crime may have been detected, we obtain all the necessary evidence in order to present the case for criminal or civil prosecution.  


We assist clients in their subrogation efforts by conducting a thorough third-party investigation that includes recorded statements, photographs, identification, communication with adverse parties and insurers. Whether the case involves an auto liability or a workers' compensation claim, effective recovery efforts are vital to the bottom line and an essential component of the claims settlement process.

Auto Liability

We will secure recorded statements from drivers, passengers, and witnesses, photograph vehicles and conduct scene investigations as well as obtain police reports. We can assist in obtaining damage appraisals and medical records to facilitate the prompt settlement of any property damage and bodily injury claims.

Mediations/Small Claims Hearings

We are available attend small claims hearings and mediations in order to assist the client in settling their claims.  

General Liability

We will obtain detailed recorded statements from all the parties involved as well as photograph the scene, procure leases, contracts, agreements, and any other documents that are needed for the client.

Background Checks/Locates/Database Searches

We use various online database and public records searches which include, criminal and civil records, driver and vehicle records, workers’ compensation history, social security, name, address, telephone numbers and online social media searches in order to obtain all the necessary and pertinent information with regards to the subject matter.

Copy/Transcription Services

We have and in-house transcription service that is available for all of your needs.  Whether it is a verbatim transcription or a deposition, we are available for all of your transcription needs.  Our service includes copy service where we are available to scan and/or copy items while on-site at the client location. 

Notary Services

We have a staff of notaries to assist with obtaining notarized documents.